Twin Cities Geek maintains several virtual spaces on third party websites for members of the community to meet and mingle.

Facebook logoTwin Cities Geek on Facebook

The Twin Cities Geeks Facebook Group is a discussion space with over 11,000 local Minnesota geeks.

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The Twin Cities Geek Facebook Page engages the Minnesota geek Facebook community with stories, questions, and fun posts on a daily basis.

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Twin Cities Geek on Twitter

The Twin Cities Geek Twitter engages the Minnesota geek twitter community with stories, questions, and fun tweets on a daily basis.

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Twin Cities Geeks Slack

The Twin Cities Geeks Slack has a variety of channels for chatting with other Minnesota geeks about a wide variety of topics.

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Twin Cities Geeks Blizzard Group

The Twin Cities Geeks Blizzard group is a space for Minnesota players of games to connect, converse, and play together.

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