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    Jonathan Kiehne Jonathan Kiehne
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    Being sick has some advantages, namely, binge watching all the shows that your streaming service of choice has been telling you are just super great. I want this thread to be devoted to your favorite series to binge watch. Was it a series you watched before but appreciated differently when watching an entire season in one sitting? Was it something randomly recommended to you by the algorithmic gods of Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu? Did it change your life? Ruin your marriage? Convert you to Veganism? Tell it all here!

    I will go first.

    Hey anybody ever heard of Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated series)? Its my biggest surprise of 2014. Better 7 years late than never I guess. This show came strongly recommended by, well, everyone and it turns out that its for good reason. Excellent animation, strong writing, great character development and beautiful music rendered this jaded critic a fan of animated series again. It had been quite the dry spell for me with regards to good high-adventure animated series like Avatar, the last being Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood. It strikes this almost perfect balance of drama and comedy, mature themes and fantasy adventure all bundled up in a wonderfully compact multi-faceted coming-of-age story. It also does this with very little filler and almost none of the fan-service that makes me throw beer at the TV.

    ATLAB was a breath of fresh air with all the grimdark stuff dominating my que and I am eagerly devouring its follow-up, The Legend of Korra with equal zeal.

    Jen Riehm Jen Riehm
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    I also had a binge-watching experience with ATLAB XD I agree that it was a great watch. I still need to catch up on Korra.

    My most recent binge-watching session was last weekend with my boyfriend. We watched the entire anime series Kill La Kill. It ended up being better than expected–it didn’t take itself too seriously, but still had a solid, entertaining storyline. Great soundtrack, too.

    Ansley Grams Ansley Grams
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    …Squidbillies. Do not judge me!

    Justini Yogini Justini Yogini
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    Best binge-watches: LOST, Supernatural, Fringe, Veronica Mars, BSG

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