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    Sally Foster Sally Foster
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    Because people who do crossfit love to talk about crossfit, right?

    I know there must be at least a few of you other Geeks out there that do it – so let’s chat! What got you into it? Where do you work out? What’re your stats?

    I proudly work out at woman-owned Solcana CrossFit (off Cedar and Minnehaha) and it’s absolutely amazing. I joined on a whim after deciding I really needed to get more fit and needed to make a serious commitment. My stats are pretty abysmal since I just started about a month ago, but the changes I’m seeing in my body so soon (and so drastically) are pretty amazing!

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    I just started crossfit on Monday. So far I’m 4 WODs in, but I really enjoy it. I am going to CrossFit Woodbury. I think what finally got me to take the leap and join is they are offering a month of classes for $50, which includes 6 introductory classes to learn the movements and such. (The offer is available until Feb 1st!!) I’m getting married in under 8 months, so I plan to continue after the special is done.

    My stats are embarrassing, but I feel great. I haven’t noticed anything on the scale or with my clothes, but I have much more energy and can definitely feel muscles I didn’t know existed getting worked.

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