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    Ansley Grams Ansley Grams
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    We’ve come a long way – even though some of the oldest NES games brought about amazing scores (sorry about that Legend of Zelda overworld ear-worm.)

    From 8 bit to philharmonics, there is a lot to chose from. What is your favorite video game soundtrack? Composer?

    I’ll just get it out of the way that I love Nobou Uematsu, especially the soundtracks for Final Fantasy VI, VIi and VIII. And Akira Yamaoka.

    Now that I got them out of the way, three of my favorite scores are from more obscure games. Rule or Rose (a string quartet) Medievil (the soundtrack Danny Elfman wish he had composed) and also Eternal Darkness.

    I want to hear yours!

    K. L. Tremaine K. L. Tremaine
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    My favorite soundtracks by era:

    The 80s: Zillion (chiptune versions of actual Jpop songs from the actual Zillion anime series). Honorable mention: The Legend of Zelda (NES), Super Mario Bros. 3
    Early-mid 90s: Final Fantasy VI. HM: Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Chrono Trigger
    Mid-late 90s: Goldeneye 007. HM: Soul Calibur, Medieval Madness (yes, it’s a Pinball machine, but it’s still got one of the most memorable main board themes you’ll ever hear!)
    Early-mid 2000s: Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack is a dance-mix beauty the like of which I fear may never come this way again. HM: Katamari Damashi-i-i-i-iiiiiii!, CRRRRAZY TAXI!
    Mid-late 2000s: Mass Effect 1. HM: Still Alive from Portal (specifically Still Alive).
    Early-mid 2010s: Dragon Age Inquisition.

    Jen Riehm Jen Riehm
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    I’m also a huge Nobuo fan, and am especially fond of the Final Fantasy VII and IX soundtracks (most notably the piano/orchestral versions). He also did the soundtrack for Lost Odyssey, which seems relatively unknown, but has a great score.

    Also a huge fan of the Katamari soundtracks (especially We <3 Katamari; I tend to listen to that one a lot).

    Kyle Dekker Kyle Dekker
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    I still think the greatest of all time is the little 16 bit wonder than is Finial Fantasy VI. Still amazes me that so much depth and emotion could be packed onto a tiny little cartridge.

    Ansley Grams Ansley Grams
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    Have you checked out A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY yet?

    Also, Distant Worlds III has been released!

    Chris Meyer Chris Meyer
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    I’m a big fan of Jeremy Soule’s orchestral works. The Elder Scrolls soundtracks are some of my all-time favorites.
    I’m also putting a vote in for Nobuo. I’ve listened to his work for the older Final Fantasy games quite a bit.

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    I always enjoyed the soundtrack to Tribes 2. A blend of techno & metal. Also, the early Fallout soundtracks are good.

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