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    Welcome to the Twin Cities Geek Forums!

    Please look over the forum rules. Posts, signatures, and profiles found to be in violation of the rules are subject to edit or removal without notice. But don’t worry – this is all pretty straight forward and shouldn’t get in the way of anyone’s fun!

    Twin Cities Geek Forum Rules
    1. Be excellent to each other! Name calling, slurs, bullying, body shaming, and aggressive vulgarity are inappropriate and will not be tolerated.
    2. Any not-safe-for-work content MUST have “NSFW” in the title. You may not post NSFW content on threads without “NSFW” in the title.
    3. No pornography. Artistic nudity is OK as long as it is posted with a NSFW warning.
    4. You may not post personal information about another person without that indivdual’s consent. (If they themselves have posted it publicly online already, that counts as consent.) This includes phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, full names, relatives’ names, places of work, personal photographs, and anything else common sense might tell you is personal information.
    5. It is totally okay to promote something as long as you feel it is of interest to the Twin Cities Geek community. This includes but is not limited to clubs, bands, shows, blogs, podcasts, games, events, Etsy stores, art, photographs, books, cosplays, music, videos, and whatever else. But if you promote things here, you’re also expected to participate in the community.
    6. Please be mindful not to clutter up the forum with spam. After 20 years of internet, we know what spam looks like and so should you. So just don’t do that.
    7. Please be sure to write a short description or commentary on every link, photo, video, event, or file that you share on the forum. Doing this is not only polite, but it can be a great help to visually impaired members of our community who use screen reading software.
    8. In the interest of keeping the group clean and organized, please try not to make multiple threads about the same topic.
    9. When sharing images, audio, video, or text, make sure to credit them appropriately. This means giving artists credit for their work. Artists love it when you do that, plus it’s the right thing to do!
    10. Please keep images in signatures to a minimum. If your signature is too obnoxious, we’ll change it to something less obnoxious without your input. You’ve been warned!!
    11. You can edit your posts for up to 15 minutes after posting. After that grace period, you will be locked out from editing and will have to contact a moderator if you need any edits.
    12. Enjoy yourself! Twin Cities Geek is the perfect place to hang out, have discussions, share your passions, and meet new people. Like anything, these forums will be what we all put into them. Let’s make them awesome

    Awesome signature is awesome.

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