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    I have just started to learn about Pathfinders. I would like help in building my character. I understand that there are many places to play & learn….yet they are time restricted & usually busy both before and after a game.
    What I would like, is to meet in person at a coffee shop & have someone explain to me, in detail, all of my questions. Eg:
    what is fortitude?
    can I have more than one skill?
    what is a Orison & Spell? How many can I have?
    how do i choose a Domain?
    racial traits & class abilities?
    These are just a few questions I have. Understanding it all is a bit overwhelming on my own.

    If there is anyone willing to take some time to help, I would be grateful! Probably not as confused as I already become.
    Thank You.
    Hope to meet some fellow Pathfinders.
    Since we will be at a coffee shop, I am happy to by the coffee!


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    I strongly urge you to try Pathfinder Society. They are welcoming of newcomers and will be able to answer your questions.

    Minneapolis/St. Paul Pathfinder Society

    Minneapolis, MN
    1,035 Pathfinders

    This group is dedicated to the Pathfinder RPG system, specifically the Pathfinder Society campaign supported by Paizo Publishing. The purpose is to coordinate, schedule and co…

    Next Meetup

    PFS @Legion Games Thursday 6:00pm (Thurs, Sept 22nd)

    Thursday, Sep 22, 2016, 6:00 PM
    3 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    Regarding your listed questions:

    Fortitude is one of your three saving throws, along with Will and Reflex. When you are targeted by an effect, you might be asked to roll a die and add your Fortitude to see if you resist it.

    Each level you earn for your character, you gain skill points that can be added to as many skills as you can. Rogues get the most skill points because their class function largely revolves around testing skills like Open Lock, Search, and Disarm Trap.

    Spells are limited-use abilities that certain characters (various caster classes) can use while adventuring. Orisons are 0-level basic spells that an apprentice might know (if I’m remembering correctly). The number you have is based on what level you are and in what classes. A sorcerer doesn’t get a lot of spells, but can use them many times per day, while a wizard can get as many spells as he can find and learn, but has more limited use of them per day.

    Domains are what defines a cleric character, you choose them either by selecting a deity (a god or power that your cleric worships/reveres) or by selecting them based on how you want to define your character. If you want to be a healer, many select the Healing domain, if you want to be a terror on the battlefield, you may select Death or War instead.

    Racial traits and class abilities are what bonuses you get based on your selection of, oddly enough, race and class. Elves are good with bows and dwarves are good with stone. Barbarians can go into rage and fight harder while bards can sing and make their allies more effective.

    My advice is to get a book or .pdf of a Pathfinder book and page through it to get a foundation for understanding it. It will click in time.

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