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    Hey, everyone!
    My name is Brian and I am the Entertainment Director for the St. Paul Saints.
    On Tuesday, June 9, our theme is “R.I.P. – we memorialize the Saturday Morning Cartoon”. I am looking for folks interested in helping to dress our theme. If anyone does cosplay of, say, The Thundercats, or Jem & the Holograms, TMNT, or the Smurfs for crying out loud…if it’s Saturday morning fare, we would love to have you out. Doesn’t need to be overly elaborate, either. If people just wanted to throw stuff together to play the Scooby crew just for the purpose of coming out to play with us, that’s awesome.
    If interested, please contact me at [email protected]. This is going to be a fun one.

    Thanks, and hopefully I’ll hear from some of you!


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