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    So I am kind of a huge fan of Seanan McGuire, I discovered her books (and her) around CONvergence 2010, and have been REALLY into her InCryptid series since it came out in 2012. I just finished Half-Off Ragnarok tonight and it’s pretty much everything that you could hope for out of a story about a nerdy yet buff guy (Alexander Price, the eldest of the three Price siblings), a strange Australian girl, and more reptilian Cryptids than you (or they) know what to do with. It’s also a murder mystery compared to the more straightforward action indulged in by his sister Verity, and Alex’s hobbies don’t take nearly the center stage in HOR that Verity’s do in Discount Armageddon and Midnight Blue-Light Special. We’ve got one more book starring Alex (Pocket Apocalypse), due out in March, then according to Seanan the next book is back to Verity before switching POV to Antimony for book 5 of the series – and 6 and 7 are already sold to DAW.

    I’m not the biggest reader of the Toby Day series, but I should probably start catching up on it. After I’ve finished Sparrow Hill Road and Pocket Apocalypse, I think!

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