Nov 4, 2017 12:00 pm - Nov 4, 2017 6:00 pm

Welcome, Remnants, to the third Alpha Test of SideReal Sanctuaries. Tests 1 and 2 have been, thus far, successful. We are excited to bring back the game for a third test.
During this test, we will be:

Advancing the numbers to the highest levels, in order to work through the bugs of scalability and ensuring appropriate balance as we review the end-game development within the mechanics.
Reviewing the Plans of Professions, to ensure they are in line with design mechanics as intended.
Encouraging use of the Social Trick mechanics, in order to ensure that these are working correctly and smoothly.

For this play-test, you will need to choose one of two tracks in which you will portray your personal character:
Social Track: Puzzles, Politics, & Lore Exploration
Combat Track: Combat, Tactics, & Resource Management
Those who want to portray their personal character in the Social Track will be asked to portray a non-agency character* in the Combat Track. Likewise, those want to portray their personal character in the Combat Track will be asked to portray a non-agency character in the Social Track. If you are not able to participate in combat simulations (physical or mental wellness, for example), let us know in the registration form and we will accommodate your needs.
For our space in this event, we have reserved the basement of Christ Church Lutheran. This event is an indoor event. Suggested donation is $5. We will not turn you away if you are unable to donate. We welcome those who are willing and able to contribute more, but we also want to make this event financially accessible.
Funds will be used to cover the following expenses:
Site rental (renting the church cost us $100)
Props & incidentals (snacks, water, etc.)
Commissioning character concept art (we don’t believe in paying with “exposure”)
Paying for a photographer to take photos of the event (again, we don’t believe in paying with “exposure”)

* Non-Agency Character: this is a character where you are given directions by the Guides (people running the game) on motivation, goals, and actions, rather than you choosing for the character. Credit to Michael Pucci / Utopia Descending for this term.

Event Cost

$0, Donations accepted

Event Location

Christ Church Lutheran
3244 34th Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Map to Christ Church Lutheran

Event Accessibility
  • No Accessibility Info Available