The greater geek community in Minnesota is a very diverse one, and it is the mission of Twin Cities Geek to represent as many of the voices within it as possible on both the writing side and the editing side. Although previous journalism, writing, or editing experience is a strong plus, we don’t require prospective contributors to be previously published or professional writers—you just need a connection to Minnesota, a category you would like to contribute to, and a writing sample that passes muster.

We strive for gender parity and welcome male, female, and nonbinary contributors. We welcome geeks of color, and geeks from all cultural backgrounds. We welcome geeky LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual) contributors. We welcome perspectives from geeks with disabilities, deaf geeks, and geeks in neurodiverse and mental-health communities. Geeks young and old are welcome, as well as students. If you are a geek and you want to write or edit for us, then we want you involved.

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Twin Cities Geek is always accepting applications for contributors in all categories, but our current areas of greatest need for news are Arts, Business, Events, and LGBTQA+.

Do you have your finger on the pulse of the local art scene? Do you love sharing what filmmakers and other creators are doing? Are you always on the hunt for new bands and venues? Arts contributors write coverage of and/or commentary on cool or newsworthy things geeks are doing in theater, film, music, visual arts, literary arts, and other media—especially if it’s local.

There are a wealth of businesses catering to the Minnesota geek community, from gaming publishers to comic stores to new restaurants, local tech startups, and more. Business contributors bring Twin Cities Geek readers the latest on new companies, notable Kickstarters, cool ideas, success stories, and more. This can include news related to promotions or new products, interviews, and anything else in the business community that you think would be of interest to local geeks.

What’s going on tonight, this weekend, or this year? Events contributors write about events in and around Minnesota that are of interest to the geek community, including but not limited to conventions, festivals, reenactments, dances, author readings, lectures, parties, and tournaments.

LGBTQA+ contributors write coverage of and commentary on anything and everything in the world of geek culture from a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or asexual perspective. Tying commentary to current events or announcements is preferable but not always necessary. Coverage in this category also includes letting readers know about things that are of particular interest to the LGBTQA+ communities, such as representation in pop culture, local groups, or LGBTQA+ artists. (Note: If you identify as Intersex and wish to contribute to this, the name will be changed to LGBTQAI+.)

We also welcome applications for our other news categories:

  • Gaming
  • Pop Culture
  • Race & Culture
  • Science & Tech
  • Spotlight


Twin Cities Geek is always accepting applications for contributors in all categories, but our current areas of greatest need for features are Cosplay Positive and Domestic Geekdom.

Cosplay Positive
Cosplay Positive explores the world of cosplay with a nod towards the mantra “to love your cosplay is to love yourself.” Contributors write about cosplay news, tutorials, ideas, thoughts, motivations, controversies, and more from a respectful, body-positive, and inclusive position.

Domestic Geekdom
Domestic Geekdom highlights recipes, crafting, art projects, home décor, and other creative endeavors with that geeky twist. Contributors can share news, write tutorials, review products, and more.

We also welcome applications for our other feature categories:

  • The Fit Geek
  • Parenting Geeky


Twin Cities Geek is always accepting applications for contributors in all categories, but our current areas of greatest need for reviewers are Audio & PodcastsBooks, and Games.

Audio & Podcasts
Review podcasts, radio shows, and other audio-only media with a focus on local creators and geeky genres whenever possible.

Review books with a focus on local authors and publishers whenever possible. Although “geek” usually brings sci fi and fantasy to mind, there are no genre restrictions here—you can review anything that may be relevant to our audience, whether it’s literary fiction, political history, or how-to. Advance review copies are available in most cases.

Write reviews of both new-release and older board games, card games, tabletop systems, and more. We’re especially interested in any games with Minnesota ties.

We also welcome applications from potential reviewers for our other categories:

  • Comic Books
  • Movies & Films
  • Music
  • Television
  • Theater
  • Video Games

Editorial Needs

General Editor
Every article submitted for our site goes through editing prior to publication. Twin Cities Geek editors independently edit submitted articles for clarity, cohesiveness, grammar, and compliance with our in-house style guide. (Editors’ main responsibility is copyediting, so a sharp eye for mechanics and style is required, but a bit of line editing is sometimes appropriate.) Other responsibilities include ensuring submissions comply with website formatting requirements, writing social-media copy for articles, and communicating with contributors and the rest of the editorial team on the status of submissions and ongoing writing projects. Experience with the Chicago Manual of Style is preferred, and all applicants will be asked to take an editorial screening test.

#1 Comics of the Week Editor
We are seeking a dedicated editor for our weekly “#1 Comic Issues I’m Picking Up” column. This person will be responsible for editing each Tuesday’s article in accordance with the guidelines described above. Knowledge of comics is helpful but not necessary—attention to detail is much more important, since the editor will need to ensure all submissions follow the established style and format for this column.

All Contributors and Editors Get

  • A staff page on to say whatever you’d like about yourself and link to your website(s) and social media
  • An about-the-author box that will appear at the bottom of everything you publish on the site
  • A [name] email address to use for all matters regarding contributing to Twin Cities Geek, including interview and press-pass requests
  • Occasional sharing of personal or professional blog posts through the Twin Cities Geek social media profiles
  • A professional reference regarding your participation with Twin Cities Geek, including a recommendation on LinkedIn if requested
  • A professional, branded business-card file to print Twin Cities Geek business cards for yourself


  • Contributors and editors are all volunteers—nobody gets paid for contributing to Twin Cities Geek
  • In joining the site, contributors agree to submit a minimum of one article of at least 500 words per calendar month
  • Editors agree to edit a minimum of four articles per calendar month
  • Contributors may submit to more than one category but must have at least one main “home” category
  • Articles published on Twin Cities Geek may not be posted on other websites or published in print without prior approval; this includes both prior and subsequent publication
  • Each article must have at least one accompanying image that the contributor has rights to publish, be it with permission, public domain, creative commons, fair use, or original
  • Contributors must adhere to Twin Cities Geek workflow process (don’t worry—it’s super easy!)
  • It’s preferable (but not required) for all contributors and editors to have a Facebook account

How to Apply

If you would like to be a contributor for Twin Cities Geek, please jointly email editor-in-chief Hal Bichel and senior editor Madeleine Vasaly at [email protected] and include the following:

  • Your name and location
  • Any relevant information you would like known, such as age, geeky interests, or background
  • Which category you would like to contribute to
  • At least one writing sample (an article, blog post, or something similar—no academic essays, please)

If you would like to be an editor for Twin Cities Geek, please email senior editor Madeleine Vasaly at [email protected] and include the following:

  • Your name and location
  • Any relevant information you would like known, such as age, geeky interests, or background
  • A brief description or résumé of your editing experience, whether or not it’s professional or paid, including whether you’ve worked with the Chicago Manual of Style or other style guides

If you don’t hear back immediately, don’t worry! Sometimes we get busy and fall behind on emails. But we will answer you either way, even if it takes some time. Please don’t hesitate to poke us for a status update, either.

Thanks for your interest in joining Twin Cities Geek!