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Aaron Coker is an editor and a co-host of the Just Enough Trope podcast, a Twin Cities–based show that brings its listeners all the news that’s fit to cast in the world of nerdy entertainment. When he’s not doing that, he enjoys pretending to be a man named Solid Snake and laughing at Frank Miller comics, and has the unambitious goal of listening to the podcasts . . . ALL THE PODCASTS . . . on his Zune. Yep.

Aaron’s skills include speaking truth to superpower, the ability to discover his “new favorite show” (which will inevitably become a horrible travesty of human entertainment ten episodes in), and maintaining an uneasy truce with the Oxford comma.

A lifelong resident of the Twin Cities and a fan of all things geeky, from anime to Zork, Aaron’s favorite film is the documentary Ghostbusters (with the erotic thriller Hudson Hawk a close second) and his favorite superheroes are Daredevil and whoever’s fighting Squirrel Girl. He wrote a song about horses when he was five that won a state songwriting competition. He is a serious, somber, almost funereal individual who should be avoided at all costs.


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