Photo of Adam HavercampContributor (Gaming)

Adam Haverkamp first found his passion for board games, tabletop games, and role-playing games in his freshman year at the University of South Dakota and hasn’t looked back. Shortly after cultivating his interest at USD’s GAMES Club, he became President of the organization. His proudest achievement during his presidency was the management (along with Katarina Hammoud) of VerminCon, a weekend-long board game convention that saw record attendance and charity donations each year under his care.

When Adam wasn’t gaming or planning a convention during his college years, he was studying to earn a degree in English, which he is now eager to use in the working world. His studies in creative writing and medieval English fell hand in hand with his budding love for running role-playing campaigns for the Dungeon World system, along with his natural magnetism toward any game in a medieval setting. To this day, his favorites are Shadows over Camelot, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Canterbury.

Adam is always looking for new and exciting games to play. He favors a game’s story and theme over other facets of a game. He also believes the more thinking required in a game, the better, which is why games with hidden agendas and deceit are always on the table for him! If you have any games you think Adam might like, he would love to read your thoughts in his email.

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