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Adam Kobler, also known as Curious Bystander, has many interests—arguably why he is “Curious.” However, humans are his favorite. He loves listening to others relate their stories and experiences.

He is the crazy mastermind behind coaching/consulting practice Protagonist and serves as lead Valor Consultant. With his sharp mind, specialized training, and deep empathy, he guides others toward what they really want out of life . . . and has fun with them along the way. Life should be fun, after all! Adam is also a serial entrepreneur who centers his projects on bettering the lives of others. Aside from Protagonist, his portfolio includes two IT businesses (one closed, one sold) and his photography business (Mirai Event Photography).​

In his free time, he​ ​​can be found behind​ a camera somewhere​​, playing games,​ ​​or running​. Games with good stories are his favorite, including titles like Ori and the Blind Forest, Chrono Cross, and the Souls series.


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