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Alex Barnes was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but his family moved to the Twin Cities before he was a year old. While he did his best to play outdoors and spend time with his friends, he couldn’t deny that his ideal day was spent playing video games or reading. Growing up, he learned to love games of all kinds, but he found a particular fondness for RPGs and adventure games. The first he ever played was Final Fantasy 8. His secret shame is that, to this day, he still has yet to finish a single Final Fantasy game. But he’s working on it. He also has a strong love for books; his favored genres are fantasy and horror. The first horror novel he ever read was Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King.

Alex’s favorite games are Silent Hill 2, BioShock: Infinite, The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Alane Wake. His favorite books are the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Paper Towns by John Green, A Stir of Echoes by Richard Matheson, Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto and The Lotus War series by Jay Kristoff. The scariest horror movie he’s ever seen is Session 9, and it has to have that title taken from it.

Outside of gaming and reading, Alex enjoys writing as well and is currently working on a novel. He also enjoys soccer.



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