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In her childhood, Amethyst O’Connell presumably did some things but doesn’t remember half of them due to a skiing accident in sixth grade. She did remember pi rounded to 10 digits and all of the existing 493 Pokémon, which lead her on her path to the nerd she is today. In high school, she joined the FireBears FIRST Robotics team, which went to the world championships her senior year of high school.

Her love of anime started in middle school after she attended a film class at the local library—the librarian who taught it was an avid otaku and ran the library’s anime club. From there, Amethyst joined the anime club and was introduced to great anime like Black Butler. The film class also led her to become involved at the local public-access TV station as a filmmaker.

In addition to writing for Twin Cities Geek, she is working through the challenges in Free Code Camp and completing her generals at a local community college. She hopes to transfer to a four-year institution for electrical engineering and to get an internship in her field of study.

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