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Amy Swanberg grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia before moving to Minneapolis for college. Her father is responsible for fanning the flames of her fandom—she doesn’t remember the first time she saw Dune, only that her dad would pull out his special-edition Laserdiscs when it was time to watch. As soon as she was old enough, Amy read through all the Dune books by Frank Herbert and then moved on to those written by his son. To this day, the series remains highly influential and special to her.

Her fandom also includes Star Wars and Star Trek, and she happens to think Babylon 5 is the best TV show ever made. Nowadays she watches lots of different anime. Dragon Ball in any form is her obsession, and in addition to being a moderator for a large Dragon Ball community on Amino, she spends time chatting with translators online to get the latest scoop from Japan.

By day, Amy is a blogger and website copywriter. By night, she pretends to be a science-fiction novelist. She and her husband live in St. Paul with their quirky red dog, Malcom.



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