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Anne Nerison is a freelance editor based in the Twin Cities metro area. When she’s not editing, she can be found working as a barista, drinking tea and reading with her spouse, playing with her two cats, or traveling on Minnesota’s North Shore.

Born and raised on the edges of the west metro, Anne earned her BA in English from the College of St. Benedict, moved to St. Cloud for her first job, then came to the north metro for a change of scenery and new opportunities. She has been editing books since 2012 and launched her freelance editorial business in 2016. She is also a lifelong geek, thanks in large part to her parents. Her dad made sure she experienced Star Wars, Star Trek, and Apollo 13 (and, in retrospect, perhaps wanted an astronaut for a daughter), and her mom made sure A Prairie Home Companion was on every Saturday night, instilling a deep love of all things Minnesota in her children. Today, Anne feeds her geeky interests by keeping up with the Star Wars movies, reading as much speculative fiction and graphic novels as she can get her hands on, and rewatching Firefly and Downton Abbey at least once a year.


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