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Ansley Grams is an artist and writer working out of St. Paul. She is a lifelong video gamer with a particular interest in complex, story-driven games, psychological horror, and gaming soundtracks. While she may appear aloof or cold at first impression, she is probably just confused. There was some sort of mixup in distribution, and instead of being born in the 1880s where she belongs, she mistakenly manifested in the 1980s.

Ansley has long been involved with the running of local sci-fi and fantasy convention CONvergence. She served as a cohead of the Cinema Rex film room for 10 years and is now working to create an entirely new experience for CONvergence attendees.

Aside from gaming, movies, and avoiding Zubaz and glam rock, Ansley spends her time reading (Mark Z. Danielewski and Shirley Jackson are favorites), costuming, following fashion and cosmetics, exploring historic locations, and wrangling her family. You can find her in the Silent Hill, Soulsborne, Final Fantasy, and Game of Thrones fandoms; on horror panels at CONvergence; or showing her artwork at local galleries.


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