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Ansley Grams has been in love with gaming since the first time she put her wee hands around the gray-and-black angles of an NES controller and thrust Q*Bert off of his cubes to his @%#!ing death.

Her love affair doesn’t stop at actual game playing—what she loves most are the peripherals of gaming, the mechanics that create the mechanics that create the games. If she had a history degree, she could rightly call herself a video-game historian, but she doesn’t (yet). She’s thrilled to live in the era she does, as she’s been able to witness, and participate in, the birth and growth of home video gaming. Her specific areas of interest are the evolution of video games and gaming culture, including the effects that gaming has on society and society on gaming; music in gaming; the inner workings of the industry as a whole; and, most of all, effecting change in the perception of gaming from “kid stuff” to a respected art form as viable as films and books.

Her favorite genre of games is psychological horror, and she has a borderline-unhealthy “fondness” for the Silent Hill series (1 through 4!) and Squaresoft RPGs (not Square Enix!). She has a leg tattoo of Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII and a hoarder-ish figure collection.

When she isn’t gaming, Ansley is either writing, reading, painting, costuming, or wrangling her two young children or locked in eternal battle with her husband concerning the dire issue of Silent Hill vs. Resident Evil.


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