Aurora RocketContributor (Pop Culture)

Aurora Rocket started young with the whole nerd thing. It was sort of a natural progression after that. They never tried to fit a stereotype, but they also refused to let stereotypes ruin what they already knew they liked. Aurora didn’t see any point in stifling it—they’re not ashamed of who they are.

At the ripe old age of three, Aurora knew they weren’t a boy or a girl. All efforts to try to convince them otherwise inevitably fell by the wayside after rigorous trial and error.

By six, they had heart surgery. By 35, they had been diagnosed with six autoimmune diseases. PTSD, OCD, religious indoctrination—everything unique in Aurora’s life has been alienating. And while they hate to identify with all these things, those things have inevitably altered and shaped their experiences and continue to preside over their circumstances.

Writing has been a way to escape from dysphoria, illness, and stress as much as it’s been a vehicle for Aurora to communicate and make connections. Because despite all the atypical things about them, they are a very, very typical nerd.

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