Becky Elfprincess headshotContributor (LGBTQA+)

Reverend Rebecca Nathaniel Elfprincess (just “the Reverend,” if you would) is a genderfluid, half-Mexican geek who grew up in small-town Texas. It was exactly as wonderful as you think it was.

Thanks to his life, she became interested in performance very early on. It evolved into a love of storytelling, which by now has grown into a full-blown desire to analyze absolutely everything that ever happens as if it’s an ongoing narrative. This has led to her thinking very deep thoughts about every single last one of his hobbies, from video games to sword-and-sorcery fantasy lit to sci-fi shows and movies. Deep thoughts such as, “Exactly when is it acceptable to change the gender or ethnicity of a character?” and, “How many licks does it really take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”

The Reverend dips his toe into many professions, from pro wrestling to being a singer/songwriter (Seanan McGuire started it!), but she is currently trying to hack it as a writer. You can help him by taking your money and turning it into her money via Patreon or by purchasing his book on Amazon.



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