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Benjamin Coler is an attorney and STEM policy analyst. He’s been an avid RPG enthusiast since the mid-’80s and was an RPGA judge for the Gen Con D&D Open for nearly 15 years.

A product of the Red River Valley, Ben began bouncing about the border, serving briefly as the president of the Gamers’ Club at the University of Minnesota in Duluth until escaping undergrad in Moorhead with a major in overeducation (BAs in bio and phil, minors in chem and anthro). He then did time at the U of M Twin Cities, getting a joint JD/MS after a lot of bureaucratic wrangling; while there, he was temporarily the president of RPSIG.

Currently, Ben lives in Minneapolis and spends his time running a weekly RPG group, threatening his game console, dabbling in the local indie film scene, and mourning the loss of City of Heroes.


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