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Bri Lopez Donovan was born and raised in Long Beach, California, until they moved with their family to a small, rural Minnesota town at the age of 11. There, they grew from a kid with a love for country music and all things western and into a political, queer adolescent. Being queer in a town with a population under 2,000, a high-school class of 98, and a community where parties took places at churches and VFW halls left Bri feeling kind of odd and alone. They began writing thoughts and ideas in the form of musings on their family’s large, clunky desktop computer; it was an outlet, but it wasn’t enough. Soon, despite the limited time they were given on the dial-up Internet, they took to the interwebs to find others like them and a sense of belonging. Bri has loved discussing politics and social justice on online forums ever since.

After moving to the Twin Cities, they met a wonderful lady (now wifey) who introduced Bri to conventions, cosplay, and the wonderful world of geekery. Their writing has since expanded into poetry, short stories, and novels (that have yet to be finished). They dabble in all things queer and sexy and seek to boost marginalized communities. Recent adventures in writing include intersectional-feminist erotica; their WordPress blog, Over Caffeinated; and YA horror.

When they aren’t working or writing, Bri enjoys trying new brews (they’re a bit of a beer snob), coffee, teatime, cooking, and exploring all over with their dog friend Gracie. Adventure Time and Futurama are Bri’s favorites, and as far as books go, they are not to be trusted with a library card.



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