Brian GlurContributor (Cosplay Positive)

Brian Glur is an architectural designer and maker who goes by the name Power Up Props. He lives in the Twin Cities with his fiancée, Katie, and Shiba Inu, Zuko, spending his free time practicing the art of cosplay, prop making, and 3D printing. He graduated from North Dakota State University in 2015 with a master of architecture degree and currently works for a local firm doing commercial and K–12 education design.

Getting his start in prop making in 2010 and 3D printing in 2011, Brian has logged thousands of hours of print time and gotten experience with many forms of 3D printing and various methods of handcrafting. Fluent in Autodesk Fusion 360 and fueled by a “can-do” attitude, he aims to learn new skills with each project.

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