Caissa CasarezContributor (LGBTQA+, Race & Culture)

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Caissa Casarez has been a geek for most of their life. They first held a Nintendo controller at age two and grew up reading comics. They even got one of their drawings in a Simpsons/Futurama crossover when they were in middle school. Around the same time, Caissa found a new world online.

Later on, they turned a love of local news (yes, really) into a career after college. They drank a lot of coffee and met a lot of people, but their biggest connection was made online: Caissa met a Minnesota girl on a Twitter hashtag for people who work overnights in news, which doesn’t surprise anyone who knows either of the two. They quickly fell for each other’s kindness and geekiness.

Caissa now lives with their partner in St. Paul and works on the production side of things at Twin Cities PBS. Their nephews back home think they work with Big Bird and Daniel Tiger, and although that’s not quite true, they do walk past those characters’ pictures every day. When they’re not making TV for viewers like you, Caissa is usually reading, writing, or gaming.


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