Charles BrailovskyContributor (Pop Culture)

Charles Brailovsky is a pianist with a few ideas and a lot of spare time. He grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who and has been playing classical piano since he was four years old. He has a strong passion for film soundtracks, and his favorite authors are Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, who have instilled in him an attitude toward the world that can be best described as “jovial cynicism.”

At 15, he left high school and went East to pursue an early college education. He spent a year at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, an “early college” in the Berkshires. Though academically it was an unmitigated disaster, it enabled him to get a GED and pursue a more free-form education outside of high school. He returned home in apparent defeat but soon discovered that free-form education was a much better fit. Since the summer of 2016, he has been taking one or two university classes per semester and getting straight As for the first time in his life. He is studying psychology and German, and he hopes to work in the field of industrial psychology. He is also a SpaceX fanboy, and his greatest—and most absurd—dream is to one day accompany the first group of colonists to Mars and study the next step in human society.


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