Chris YeeContributor (Comic Book Reviews)

Chris Yee writes fiction, explores strange new online worlds, and breathes life into all sorts of digital creations. He has immersed himself in various fields, ranging from 3D animation to game development, and has always had fun while doing it amid the crazy atmospheres—as well as taking this experience and knowledge to teach practical skills for young potential game artists. The decision to move from quiet little New Zealand to the US was one of love: he now resides in Minneapolis with his partner.

When attempting to relax from the creative workload, Chris is usually playing the latest indie release or burying his nose in a sci-fi or fantasy novel. Storytelling in any medium is something that he enjoys finding and immersing himself in, whether going along for the ride or being in the driver’s seat. On occasion, he can be found surrounded by Lego, which he refers to as model sculpture but will not deny that he plays with the curious plastic brick.

Comic books have been a periodic staple for him, dating back to one of his first: The Transformers #1 (1984), which he believes is hiding somewhere safe at his parents’ house. Start any conversation off with him and he’ll surely finish with something relating to giant robots. Or time travel.

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