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Christopher Clark has worked as a bill collector, a salesman, a 911 operator, a technical support representative, and, finally, a professional writer, all before the age of 28. If you just read that list and thought that it was a weird road, you’d find Chris the first one in line to agree with you, but he’d do it with a smile.

A longtime gaming nerd and fantasy lover, Chris was born to tell stories and share his thoughts on the world. His first novel, The Humming Blade, was the product of a successful Kickstarter and many, many coffee-fueled days of hard work and determination. Publishing a book was always a “bucket list” item, but it was also the first step toward a bigger goal: a career of doing the words for a living.

Chris is a huge fan of other storytelling mediums like movies, video games, and tabletop RPGs. He first played D&D over fifteen years ago and can still be found creating characters he’ll never get to play because he feels that one can never imagine too many fun things, even if they aren’t real. He watches too much professional wrestling and adores his Nintendo Switch.


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