Cynnthia VerbruggeCommunity Manager (Facebook)

Cynnthia Anne Verbrugge’s love of fandom and all things geeky began at an early age when she first saw an episode of Star Trek (TOS). In spite of her current successes in work and art, one of her proudest accomplishments is still having built all 12 of the Constellation-class starships before she left junior high. Still an active modeler, her tastes have moved a bit toward model railroading, and she maintains a small outdoor garden railroad, often working on it during the long summer days.

Cynn took to art at a later stage in life and won Best Amateur Piece in the CONvergence 2013 art show for her stained-glass panel Police Box. This lit a fire and was the impetus for her to start her own stained glass business, Kitsune Art Glass, which centers on geek-themed pieces and fused glass flowers. She shows her work at major art festivals and renaissance fairs throughout the local region. She ran the CONvergence Décor department for two years—if you ask her, she might tell you this was because she always wanted to cosplay Jessica 6 and needed a “hand” to play to—and now builds props and plays condom fairy for Transvestite Soup’s local Rocky Horror Picture Show production. If you want to know how to find her at any convention, just look for the omnipresent ankh around her neck.

Married 30 years to the same wonderful woman, she and her spouse currently reside in the northwest metro with two children, three rescue cats, two rescue dogs, and two chinchillas.


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