Danielle Indovino CawleyContributor (Pop Culture)

Danielle Indovino Cawley, who has called the Twin Cities her home for over a decade, is a licensed specialist in the field of stars, both Wars and Trek. A pop-culture enthusiast and podcast evangelist, she has taught a college course on The X-Files, given an academic(ish) lecture on the roles of women in Star Trek, and argued loudly about the best House Hunters (Tiny).

Danielle is best known around the Twin Cities as copresident of the world’s first and only Star Trek Bar Crawl, occasional stage manager, announcer for North Star Roller Derby, and begrudging trivia host for Geeks Who Drink. When she isn’t blogging about Porgs or cosplaying as an Andorian, she is at home with her 1,000 cats and stacks of cooking magazines, which she definitely plans on going through. Tomorrow.

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