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David Brennan is a native Minnesotan who grew up in a small town with way too many trucks and not enough comics. He attended MSU Mankato, where he pursued his passion for speech and debate while keeping his geek side alive. His video-game poetry and Star Wars oratory speech performances were rated “adequate.” He left Minnesota to chase the almighty dollar for a few years but is super excited to be back among the lakes.

David has spent more than a decade as a communication professor and speech coach and even managed to convince his college to let him teach two courses on Doctor Who and its impact on our culture. His interests include television (especially Doctor Who, Buffy, Community, and Quantum Leap) as well as movies, video games, comics, pop culture, and board games. David’s geeky work has been featured by BuzzFeed, BBC America, CONvergence, and his friends’ Facebook walls.

While enjoying all the TV, David hangs out with his wife, makes nerdy beadsprites, and plays with his two cats (Pancake and Dr. Pepper) and rambunctious corgi (Meatball).

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