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To give in to some reductio ad absurdum, David J. Rust became a comic book fan early in life, learning to read—in part—from a Superman comic book. This led to him devouring as much science fiction, fantasy, and horror (the trifecta collectively known as speculative fiction) as possible. Movies, art, and all manner of television became part of his interests when he didn’t feel included by any larger communities. He developed an interest in Greek myths, Warner Brothers cartoons by watching The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show with Dad as a kid, loving the adventure of Doctor Who in fourth grade (with Tom Baker as the Doctor), and, eventually, getting into all manner of games.

David became a Tabletop RPG gamer in the late autumn of 1979 with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The discovery of that game set the course for the rest of his life. He wrote a module, UnDead & Buried, for Mayfair Games in the ’90s for their tabletop horror game, Chill. He also wrote short stories in the Centaur’s Gatherum Newsletter and started his own APAzine called Chronicles of Darkness for World of Darkness gaming enthusiasts. Also during this time, he discovered furry fandom and realized, with his love of anthropomorphics, he had been a furry most of his life.

A former journalist for the bi-weekly newspaper, LivingOUT (a GLBT newspaper in the Twin Cities), David continues to write essays on what it means to be a fan, what the traits of the various fannish communities are, how engagement and creativity are the most key traits in fandom, and (of course) gaming.



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