duck washingtonContributor (Spotlight)

Derek “Duck” Washington is an actor, director, audio designer, and playwright in the Twin Cities area. He is a member of Vilification Tennis and Fearless Comedy Productions, a producer for Encyclopedia Show: Minneapolis, and the founder of a small theater company, Rogues Gallery Arts.

Duck has been involved with CONvergence, the largest science fiction and fantasy convention in Minnesota, as a writer and performer for its opening and closing ceremonies for the past six years. He has served as a panelist at the convention as well as as an entertainer at events like the Masquerade half-time show, Power Point Karaoke, and both the staged production and screening of THAC0.

Duck is an avid Star Wars and theater nut. He has lived a life filled with Marvel Comics and frequent treks to the zoo. Past employers include Potter Park Zoo, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Guthrie Theater. He currently works for the University of Minnesota helping run programs for youth with an accelerated talent in mathematics.


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