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Gabriel moved to the Twin Cities to attend graduate school at the University of Minnesota, discovered her geekiness, and was quickly persuaded to volunteer helping with various groups in town, including CONvergence, OmegaCon, and the Geek Partnership Society, among others. She considers the area to be unmatched in both quantity and quality of geek and nerd culture.

While lots of aspects of geekdom appeal to her, gabriel has a particular love of hard science fiction, British television, and schlocky horror films. She is a serious board-game enthusiast, with a slight preference for Euro-style games, and can often be seen carrying upwards of 30 games in the trunk of her hatchback. Gabriel also has a passion for trivia and works as a quizmaster for a national pub-quiz company called Geeks Who Drink.

In her non-geeky time, gabriel fosters ex-racing greyhounds, kayaks, writes fiction, is a film buff and a photographer, hand makes writing journals, visits museums and bizarre roadside attractions, and mocks her fiancé relentlessly.

Gabriel brings her expertise as a writer, editor, and proofreader to Twin Cities Geek. She is currently working on a children’s book and a novel.

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