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Originally conceived as a single-celled organism, George Richard has mastered the arts of both cell division and reproduction to become the being he is today. An old-school geek, George started reading science fiction in junior high school and will admit to watching Star Trek: The Original Series as it premiered on broadcast TV.

After many years living a fairly sedentary life, George had his first heart attack at 42 years old. Overweight and presented with the options of living a more healthy life or no life at all, he opted for a focus on physical fitness. Starting with simply walking, then yoga, George eventually found a love of martial arts. He now holds black belts in Haidong Gumdo (Korean sword art) and Tae Kwon Do (second degree). George still enjoys walking his pack of dogs in all weather, weight training, yoga, aqua-aerobics, football (both styles), and all manner of unorganized sports.

George’s perspective on life and fitness can be summed up in the saying “Death is lighter than a feather and duty is heavier than a mountain,” to which he adds, “Do your duty to yourself; move mountains.”

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