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Hertzey grew up in St. Paul watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Wars, listening to her dad read her The Hobbit, watching him play D&D, and wanting to join the fun. Absorbing this, Hertzey started a journey into the geek world that has lasted her entire life. In time she has surpassed her father’s geekiness. She still enjoys Star Trek, Star Wars, and The Hobbit and has added Doctor Who, Supernatural, and board games to her list of geeky hobbies.

While Hertzey inherited her love of geeky media and gaming from her father, Hertzey’s mother was an even greater influence. She introduced Hertzey to the world of creating and adulting. It started in the kitchen but soon blossomed into crafting. As she grew older, Hertzey kept the creative spark, adding more skills to her crafting résumé and more complex recipes to her internal (and digital) cookbooks. The lessons she’s learned in adulting still haven’t stopped, and she looks forward to the next one.

As an adult, Hertzey continuously looks for ways to combine her loves of domestic and geeky hobbies.

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