Jake SkurkaContributor (Video Game Reviews)

Jake Skurka was born in Minneapolis and grew up in the northwest metro before being banished up the I-94 corridor to St. Cloud to attend a boringly normal art school. By day he works as a writing tutor, where he helps people bend over backwards to meet the strange and obtuse rules of the academic essay, as well as to improve their dating site profiles. While planning his permanent escape to the twin cities, he frequently returns there to soak up its geek culture and induct new friends into the community.

Jake is an open geek with a variety of interests that include tabletop gaming (both board and RPG), fantasy and sci-fi fiction, cult video games, esoteric electronic music, confusingly abstract modern art, slam poetry, cosplay appreciation, ConSuite loitering, and much more than can be named here. One of his formative geek experiences was being asked to DM a game of 3rd edition D&D, with no roleplaying experience, for 10 other people who also had no experience. Despite that disaster, he refuses to give up on the hobby or the culture.

In his spare time Jake runs the blog Public Surgery, as well as working sporadically as a freelance graphic designer. One day he hopes to be a good enough writer that someone will pay him for it.



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