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Jeff King runs an online media network called United Geeks Network, a showcase of bloggers, video producers, and podcasters who focus on geek-central topics. On his flagship podcast, All Us Geeks, Jeff and his co-host talk about all aspects of geek culture with a primary focus on tabletop games.

As part of the podcast, Jeff often hosts stand-alone segments in which he interviews tabletop game project creators who are using Kickstarter to launch their games. From these interviews, Jeff has been able to offer consulting services to people who are looking for assistance in having a chance at a successful Kickstarter project. Jeff is also a known board-game reviewer and posts both audio and video reviews of board games, including future Kickstarter projects.

Jeff has a geek-level passion for movies (all genres, but especially horror), books, television shows, and tabletop games. Along with All Us Geeks, Jeff co-hosts a passion-project podcast called Two Bald Geeks, in which he reviews horror movies.


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