Jeffrey McNairContributor (Arts)

Jeffrey McNair was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 1960s. He survived a particularly nasty type of childhood cancer, which profoundly altered how he perceived the world. It was inevitable that he would begin thinking about, then creating and recording, the imaginary world around him.

College offered Jeffrey the opportunity of an overseas exchange program, graduate school, and an extended bohemian life overseas. This bohemian life included not only travel and tourism, but hard work, more education, involvement in the community, art, and exposure to many different perspectives. It was magic.

Jeffrey’s return to the United States years later with this varied perspective, multitudes of unique experiences, and an excitement about a world left him with a thirst to share. This could lead to only one thing—a career in education.

Jeffrey hopes to help readers see something they missed, inspire them, or maybe even piss them off with a dissenting perspective, for which he apologizes in advance. When he’s not teaching, Jeffrey can be find reading, writing his first novel, creating art in a traditional studio and digitally, or indulging himself in a good foreign flick.

Oh, and fair warning—he’s a smartass!



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