Joe PraskaContributor (Science & Tech)

Joe Praska discovered his first real passion for the geek arts, if you will, at an early age watching Star Trek marathons on TV with his dad. From there, a particular gateway was opened into a world that fostered a love of science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, comic books, gaming, and, as he grew older, real world science and technology.

Joe ultimately grew up to be an educator, teaching elementary students in Minneapolis, and found himself married to a scientist. He continues his passion for all things nerdy with a childlike excitement for science and education, an intense desire to collect all of the Marvel films and shows on Blu-ray, growing shelves of comic books, and an ongoing love for Star Trek that led to the creation of his (mostly) Trek-focused blog, The Continuing Voyage.

Joe also enjoys biking, yoga, and exploring small, independent bookstores. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife their cat, Petra.



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