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Joe Riley is a retired professional dishwasher currently residing in Duluth, Minnesota. To break the monotony of retirement, he turns to Twitter, where he complains about Batman v Superman and the DC Extended Universe as whole roughly once a week. There are video games there, too.

Joe studied media studies at Lake Superior College, where he majored in winning games of Trivial Pursuit and minored in actual production work. These days, he lives for those beautiful summer weekends in Duluth, where, upon their arrival, he slams shut the windows of his downtown apartment to drown out the hustle and bustle of the young people. “Losers!” he says as he sits down to watch the hilariously awful 1989 English dub of Akira yet again.

He considers himself an avid video-game and comic-book-movie man and believes Contra: Hard Corps on the Sega Genesis and the 1989 Batman film to be the pinnacles of their respective media. His special talent is recalling and quoting a relatable Beavis and Butt-Head episode for any situation in life. Other interests include: ’80s- and ’90s-era professional wrestling, Phantasy Star Online, comic books not in movie form, most music genres (sorry, reggae and calypso), mouthbreathing, breaking TVs, buying bananas and never eating them, dial-up Internet, and getting mad on the computer. Finally, Joe believes that everyone should be less like Sid Vicious and more like Joe Strummer.


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