John GarnerCommunity Manager (Facebook)

John Garner grew up on a farm 25 miles south of the middle of nowhere in northern Minnesota but has managed to be a lifelong fan of many geeky things. After earning a BA in computer science from the University of Minnesota, he attended his first science-fiction convention, Minicon, over 30 years ago. For many years he has hosted the Karaoke and Desserts party at various conventions, treating fans to awesome desserts, singing, and fun into the morning hours. The irony is not lost on him that a mostly deaf guy hosts the karaoke party. As the desserts part of Karaoke and Desserts, John has spent many years experimenting to find the most chocolatey thing in the universe, possibly using an Einstein-Rosen bridge to allow multiple chocolate particles to occupy the same space at the same time. But of course this can only be done with sorcery or whatever.

John’s artwork has won numerous awards and has been displayed in convention art shows across the country. You can find it on and inside books, in magazines, on many fans’ walls, and even as tattoos on a few.

At conventions, John has also been known to put on a costume or two—or, as he likes to call them, disguises. You might have seen his version of Tarzan at a local con. Probably, if the disguises have worked, you haven’t seen him.

In the last few years, he has taken up being an admin for a few groups on Facebook, which is sort of like being a hermit except for all the people yelling and trying to set things on fire. But it’s worth it, because at the end of the day, maybe a couple of people have found common ground, stopped yelling, and decided that their differences, like the difference between flammable and inflammable, really aren’t that big.



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