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Jon Carnes is a Minneapolitan geek working in the world of insurance whose geeky passions lie in B movies, tabletop role-playing, and PC gaming. His love of B movies started with parental exposure to local legend MST3K and has been fostered by regular Trash Film Debauchery attendance. He’s been role-playing since before he could legitimately parse all of the rules, and he currently GMs a campaign of Dark Heresy (from Minnesota’s own Fantasy Flight games) in south Minneapolis. Additionally, he writes a bimonthly blog about all the Steam sales in which he’s suckered himself into participating.

Jon strongly believes in the community aspect of geekery, especially after experiences working in the mental-health field. During a period of 20-something wanderlust Jon found himself moving to Texas and back to Minnesota, and he found that geeky communities were some of the best places to make lasting friends. He is a regular attendee of Midwestern cons, having attended Gary Con the last two years and soon to be attending Gameholecon and Con of the North. Additionally, while working in mental health, Jon was touched by seeing one of his clients branch out socially due to the impact of geek communities.

Jon enjoys helping people connect to others who share their interests and getting the geeky word out. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more.


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