Justin GraysCommunity Manager (Facebook)

Justin Grays was born in Denver but raised in Minneapolis. His love for Star Trek got him through elementary school and all the way through college—his baccalaureate capstone was even based on Star Trek. In adulthood, his love of science fiction expanded to include other sci-fi and fantasy universes, most notably the Honor Harrington universe.

Justin has a BA in gender studies and an AA in liberal arts. He wants to put his skills to use in education or advocacy work but tends to end up in random other jobs. He’s a member of the Royal Manticoran Navy and is involved with his city as a member of the St. Louis Park Vision 3.0 Steering Committee as well as the St. Louis Park Multicultural Advisory Committee. In his free time, he is attempting to write his own science-fiction story and plans on finishing it one day.



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