Photo of Katie PiersonEditor

Katie Pierson is the author of ’89 Walls, a young adult novel about first love, family loyalties, sex, and politics. As a freelance editor and writer for progressive non-profits, she uses her background in public policy and grassroots organizing to overthrow the patriarchy one introverted step at a time.

Then she metaphorically rocks in her corner by watching English dramas, making soup, and trying to read-and-then-track-on-Goodreads one more book than last year’s record of 54.

Katie doesn’t have the math skills or comic/sci-fi credentials to truly hang with the Twin Cities Geek crowd. She’s working on this. In the meantime, she tries to be cooler than she really is by hip-hopping at the YMCA. She lives with her husband and two teenage daughters in one of those really edgy western suburbs of Minneapolis.


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