Katy KelleyContributor (Domestic Geekdom)

Katy Kelley is a lifelong avid reader. Bookstores are her favorite, and 20 bookshelves clutter her apartment, organized by genre. While her favorite books tend to fall inside the scope of fantasy and science fiction, other prevalent genres on her shelves include history, journalistic nonfiction, religion, linguistics, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, memoirs and autobiographies, poetry, and cookbooks.

Katy has degrees in writing and in teaching and will discuss etymology and cognates at length, given the opportunity. She dreams of moving to Pern someday. Until that dream is realized, she teaches, reads, and loses frequently at Settlers of Catan and Star Trek Catan.

Katy also attends CONvergence, cooks all sorts of ultrahealthy food for others, and worries about the state of equity/equality in the world. Through all, her trusty cat is by her side, demanding cuddles.

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