Kelly StarsmoreContributor (Spotlight, Parenting Geeky, Book Reviews)

Kelly Starsmore is a geek at heart who loves to read fantasy novels and try to learn more about programming and web development. She also enjoys the daily chase around the house after her three-year-old daughter, Gabi, before bedtime and the big, huge hugs she gives—not to mention her constant need to color on anything and everything.

Some of Kelly’s favorite book series include The Book of Deacon by Joseph Lallo, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, and The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. When she isn’t reading any genre of fantasy she can get her hands on or fighting evil with her three-year-old wannabe wizard, she can be found working on her website or painting her nails while watching Supernatural with a glass of wine.

Kelly currently lives in Coon Rapids with her fiancé, Michael, and her daughter. She works as tier-one support for Code42 software.



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