Kendra Reynolds

Contributor (Gaming)

Kendra “Kendi” Reynolds had her three minutes of fame when she was featured on WCCO while sleeping overnight outside the Roseville Barnes and Noble for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. When she is not immersed in fantasy literature, she is most likely immersed in fantasy gaming, playing Magic: The Gathering until her eyes blur and she can’t tell a Torrential Gearhulk from an Enigma Drake.

The only girl in her seventh-grade audiovisual club, Kendra realized that if she played her cards right she could skip gym and home ec with reasons such as, “I had to go and get another coaxial cable!” This enabled her to spend a massive amount of time with unrestricted access to the school computers, playing Oregon Trail and pretending she was Laura Ingalls Wilder. It seems she was destined to a life of dragging large books and cables around—she has a BA in English literature and technical theater.

In pursuit of educational equality and social justice, Kendra spends her daytime hours at St. Catherine University as assistant director of financial aid, working with students to help them navigate the financial-aid process. It is an amazing job, and if she cannot truly be a wizard and live in a castle, this is the next best thing. Since she cannot seem to get enough of the educational process, Kendra is finishing up her master’s degree in library and information science.

These days she geeks out with Magic, papercrafting, and other assorted games, constantly trying to rope other women into playing Magic with her. Her husband and kids also love Magic and will play, but as of yet her Miniature Pinscher shows no interest.


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