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Kenneth E. Olson (you can call him Ken) is an author living in Minnetonka with his wife, two children, and four fur babies, whom others would call dogs.

Ken grew up in Walker, Minnesota, a small town about 200 miles north of the Twin Cities. There, he had plenty of time to daydream and pursue creative endeavors, including band, choir, drama, and a brief affair with football. Most of his time, however, was spent collecting comics, reading comics, thinking about comics, and determining that he couldn’t draw comics. Still, he thought he might be able to write and eventually attended the University of Minnesota, where he acquired his degree in journalism.

And so he works in food service.

Ken continues to write and has had various short stories published in several publications. Most of them have been in the horror genre, although he has dabbled in humor and, yes, comic books. He has been a member of the Horror Writers Association and is currently a member of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. If he is not writing, he’s probably working, watching some Arrowverse show or Marvel movie with his son, or online playing World of Warcraft—he’s a worgen hunter, if you’re interested.

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