Kristopher GreyContributor (Comic Book Reviews)

Kristopher was a super geek before she even knew what fandoms were. Her early days involved watching Sailor Moon after a full day of kindergarten and stealing batteries out of remotes to battle and raise Pokémon on her Game Boy. She graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BA in psychology and a minor in children’s literature. During senior year, she took a graphic-novels class with assigned readings such as MausWatchmen, and V for Vendetta.

After moving to the Twin Cities, Kristopher found a new group of friends through an all-girls comic-book club (which she now cohosts). The group kindled the love of comics she never knew she had by opening up Kris’s mind to new comic genres; the ladies nurtured her nerdiness, and Kris understood the joy of loving comics even in adulthood. Borrowing from her local library and from friends, Kris was able to view the many genres of comics the world had to offer. She started reviewing indie comics to promote writers and artists around the Midwest. Now that Kris has come to terms with anxiety and depression, enjoying comic books has become a major coping mechanism.

She’s a huge fan of horror movies and goes to sleep listening to horror podcasts. You can also catch Kristopher watching wrestling, drawing, or playing video games (Overwatch, BioshockSaint’s Row).


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