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Kyle Casello was always enthralled by superheroes. As a kid, he would jump around like Spider-Man and Batman after watching the animated series and films and thought being a superhero was possible. He was not much of a reader during his childhood, when video games and movies played a huge part in his life, with the likes of the Batman Arkham series taking up much of his time. It was not until college, when he read The Killing Joke and Watchmen, that Kyle found a love for reading comics. College would be a long journey, but thanks to finding comics, when times got tough, he found himself escaping into another world.

Kyle was born and raised in Minnesota and currently is working on his BA in sociology with an emphasis in crime, law, and deviance at the University of Minnesota. During his studies, a course in global perspectives of the graphic novel introduced him to titles like Habibi and Persepolis, which opened his eyes to the world beyond superhero comics and inspired him to write his first short comic. He tries to read more independent comics, but he still finds himself reading mostly DC and Marvel.

Kyle and his girlfriend, Nora, live in the Twin Cities with a large Funko Pop! collection and boxes filled with comics throughout their home. They can be seen at their local comic shop almost every Wednesday.

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